Sonya Tayeh comes to BDC

The studio’s been abuzz all week in anticipation of contemporary classes with Sonya Tayeh, who is best known for her inventive, combative jazz/contemporary choreography on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Tayeh has described her unique style as “combat jazz,” because “[i]t’s staccato, aggressive, and engaged, even when it’s slow. I’m always ready for battle.”

All of Tayeh’s classes sold out hours before their scheduled time, and with crowds of wait-listed students watching at the windows, it was clear that the BDC community had been captivated by the quirky choreographer.

“From the moment Sonya entered the classroom, she commanded each and every single student’s 100% undivided attention and pushed us all to be better dancers than ever before. The energy and inspiration in the room was nothing I have ever experienced before. Her choreography, her warm up, her “words” – everything was out of this world! Everyone you talk to will tell you that a single dance class with Sonya will change your life. She’s a genius.” – Daniel Montera
“It was one of the most inspiring classes I’ve taken in a long time. She’s one of the strongest women I’ve met and she will push you to your ‘limit,’ only to find that you have no limit and are capable of anything.” – Megan O’Leary

We hope to have Ms. Tayeh back to teach many more classes here at BDC!