Fashion at BDC

Fall Fashion Week in New York City is well under way.  But if you ask me, the real fashion show happens everyday here at Broadway Dance Center!

Here are some of our students’ favorite dancewear lines:


clean and classy leotards:


“I personally enjoy Yumiko. They have a really good selection for men. Their unitards are always eye catching due to their interesting cut. Plus if you online you can personalize or customize your outfits.” – Tyrone Bevans (SIP ’12)

“I have gone through dozens of leotards throughout my dance career, none of which fit me as well and last as long as my Yumiko. Yumiko makes gorgeous, flattering leotards with endless customizable possibilities. The price tag may be a little steep, but like with Lululemon, Yumiko products are an investment that will deliver for years. I love wearing my Yumiko to musical theatre auditions with a skirt and character heels – the perfect classic dancer look!” – Laura Volpacchio (SIP ’08)

“My favorite line of dance wear would have to be Yumiko, Finding Men’s dance clothing is often a challenge; especially if you want anything outside of boring old black tights. Yumiko has a range of great cuts and colors for guys and they also offer some great fabric choices.” – Mitchell Dudas (FIP ’09)

Eleve Dancewear


“I love Capezio because that have a great selction of men dance clothes no matter what you’re looking for.” – Bryan Moore (SIP ’12)

“I love capezio cause they have cute leotard for a nice prize and an enourmous store near Times Square! Dancers’ heaven!” – Theresa Sivard (ISVP ’11-’12, PS S’12)


one-of-a-kind leotards/unitards made just for you:

Class In Dance Shop

“I have to say that I love my unitard and Jazz pants that I bought at “Class In” on 72nd between Broadway and Colombus. It was custom made. I got to pick the style and color for an amazing price.  Its a great fit, great quality! Not to mention if you have a favorite leo they will copy it for an affordable price. They are a little hidden, but definitely a great find!” – Geraldine Rojas

“Class In has GREAT leotards that you can custom design. Many different fabrics, cuts, and prints!” – Jenifer Dillow (PS F’11)


fun (and funny) T’s and tops:

Sugar and Bruno

“I love Sugar and Bruno because they use creative fashion ideas from all different artists to keep their lines unique.” – Lexie Mollica (PS F’11)

bight bra-tops and booty shorts:


“Oxygen has class styles, with a slight funky twist that are awesome for class or auditions!” – Molly Day (PS S’12)

“I love the OXYjEN Sweetheart top. The line is super cute and the open back flatters the one part of the body that looks good on every dancer. It’s comfortable and supportive enough for every day wear. It comes is many bright colors and prints. The new Vivian Blaine Outfit is super cute for auditions and comfortable as well.” – Natalie Wise (PS S’12)

funky, avant-garde leotards and biketards:

Jo & Jax

“I love a good Jo & Jax outfit…They’re super comfortable and always super cute too! Definitely my favorite!” – Chrissy Howard (SIP ’12)

“Jo & Jax dancewear helps my lines look longer yet it allows my sexiness to shine through. It makes me feel clean and comfortable in my own skin while allowing me to twist and jump in ridiculous ways.” – Camila de la Parra (SIP ’12)

“I am such a Jo&jax girl! Every item they sell is unique and well made. I don’t know of anyone that looks bad in a jo&jax uni!” – Alyssa Pearson (SIP ’12)

every style of booty shorts under the sun:

Katrina Activewear

“My favorite jazz pants are the Katrinawear because they’re long enough for my legs, and they come in fun colors. ” – Emily Tanner (SIP ’12)

“Katrinawear is so durable! Mine has lasted me for years!” – Samantha Sweed (PS F’11)

perfect-fit tank tops and yoga pants:

Victorias Secret

“I wear a lot of Victoria Secrets yoga collection because there pants come in tall length and there tops are the most supportive while still being super cute.” Allyson Tolbert


“Bloch has a wide range of fashion foward and comfortable dancewear items. The peices are affordable and I love how the employees are all dancers, they always know how to help.” – Bianca Argyros (ISVP ’11)


eye-catching leggings:

American Apparel

“I love American Apparel for its duality to wear in and out of class.” – Lara Luzim (PS S’12)

swag-a-licious sweatpants:

Urban Empire

“My favorite dancewear line is Urban Empire because their prices are fair and their swag is off the richter!” – Alex Isenberg (SIP ’12)

“Urban empire has a very unique style of sweatpants. Their sweatpants comes in various colors and thickness of the fabric. I old several light weight sweatpants which is great in keeping me cool and giving me flexibility to dance.” – Kelvin Kim (SIP ’12, PS F’12)

“Urban is a very consistent sweatpants line. Designed to reach the hip-hop and street jazz demographic, Urban has proven to be very comfortable and fashionable.” – Pierce Cady-Penny

Nappy Tabs

“My absolute favorite gear is the nappy tabs harem zipper tux pants!” – Cat Cogliandro (BDC faculty and retail store director)

“Nappy Tabs has clothing for any style of dancer you are. They have shorts, shirts, harem pants and sweats that never go out of style. I still wear my first pair of Nappy Tabs from 7 years ago!” – Chrissy Palczewski (SIP ’11, retail store manager)

Oh, and did we mention Nappy Tabs is sold at the BDC retail store?! Check it out!


leg-lengthening dance pants:


“The “Lanteri Pant” are a dancer’s best friend. They are universally flattering, and come many colors to suit any audition!” – Jessica Seavor (PS S’11)

“Lanteri pants are a theater dancer’s saving grace.  The pants truly elongate and lengthen the body while tightly forming to the cut of one’s leg.  They are extra long folding over the LaDuca, giving the illusion that the leg never ends!” – Lizz Picini (SIP ’11)

“You have got to love Lanteri jazz pants! The sleek, smooth, lines it gives you don’t compare to others, and the long length is perfect for us tall girls.” – Melanie Walode (PS F’11)

“I would say that Lanteri wear is my favorite brand of dance wear lines because the fit is really nice and their pieces are long lasting. I’ve had some of mine for more than five years!” – Laura Ksobiech (SIP ’12)

short, black tap skirts:

Lululemon Athletica

“I absolutely love Lululemon. Their clothes are so comfortable, cute, and actually breathe a little bit which is great when you are sweaty! It may be expensive, but I think its definitely worth it because everything lasts forever! – Julia Udine (PS S’12)
“I’m a Lululemon girl all the way! I lovee their sports bras, shorts, and fun workout tops.  I’m from canada, so I’ve been wearing Lulu for a while and we have them everywhere here in Montreal.” – Jenny Dailey (SIP ’12)
“I love the luluemon brand because it is built specifically in mind for us dancers. Its great in class wear because the clothes are flattering on any body type and you are able to see your lines and alignment. I know when I feel good I dance that much better and lululemon helps me do just that.” – Victoria Fowler (SIP ’12)
“Lulu tops fit great and provide great support and I love all colors and styles they come in!” – Nikki Croker (PS F’11)