7 Reasons to Keep Warm at BDC’s Winter Intensive

Broadway Dance Center (BDC) will offer its four-day Winter Intensive this December 27-30, and dancers can partake in dance-packed days that will be sure to keep their body and soul nice and warm. Here are seven reasons we think you’d fare well cozying up in the BDC studios this December.

#1. The obvious: lots of dance!

With more than 20 hours of dance over a span of four days, you’ll be bound to keep warm. Styles include ballet, jazz technique, theater, contemporary, improvisation, hip hop and more. There will be no chance to get cold when you’ll be dancing this much! “It’s a short-term commitment, but you get a lot of bang for your buck,” says BDC’s Director of Youth Programming Allie Beach.

#2. Rockstar faculty.

BDC brings the best of the best. Classes are separated into Junior, Senior and Professional age groupings, and so far the faculty includes phenomenal teachers such as Sheila Barker, Stacie Webster, Neil Schwartz, Debbie Wilson, Chio, Ricky Hinds and Hannah Frederick. With a batch of teachers this strong, you’re bound to learn and grow tons.


#3. NYC sightseeing in the winter is oh-so-pretty.

When you’re not in the BDC studios (which are conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan), you can explore the winter wonderland that is NYC. Be sure to check out the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, the adorably decorated windows at Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, and venture to Central Park or Bryant Park for some ice skating! Even if it’s cold outside, seeing these sights and lights will keep you warm and fuzzy inside.

#4. The “Solo Show-Off”.

For an additional $25, you’ll have the option to perform your solo in the BDC studios in front of fellow dancers and a panel of industry professionals. It’s always rewarding and beneficial to have a chance to perform. Plus, you can test-run your solo for upcoming competitions and receive written feedback on your performance, technique and presentation. A wonderful learning opportunity!

img_0076#5. More free classes!

With the cost of your tuition for the Winter Intensive, you’ll also receive two drop-in classes at BDC. Classes are offered in every style imaginable, from morning to night. Take advantage of dancing at this renowned studio with some of the world’s top-notch faculty.

#6. Return from winter break with this under your belt.

“The intensive is designed for those who want serious, all-day training set in a professional, nurturing and fun environment,” Beach says.

While some of your college peers or other dance friends may have been cozying up to the TV while on break from school and dance, you’ll have been dancing all day! Returning in the new year will be a piece of cake when you’ve been dancing so intensely. Go back to your studio with new knowledge, industry insight and loads of inspiration.

#7. Get a taste of the BDC buzz.

When you get to dance this much and take several classes with a variety of instructors, it’s a great taste of what training at BDC is like, and you’ll surely want more of it. Luckily, BDC also offers a Summer Intensive, Summer Workshop Series and a summer Junior Training Program! 

For more information on BDC’s Winter Intensive and details on how to register, click here.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.