BDC’s inaugural Wellness Weekend

There is a slow but steady shift happening in the dance world, and we like it. A lot. This shift recognizes that physical and mental health are incredibly important, and both studios and companies should be adopting a culture to support the health and wellbeing of their dancers. At BDC, faculty and staff know that your body is your instrument, and your mind the composer. And BDC is taking steps to help you keep your symphony in full force.

One of the steps BDC took recently was to initiate the BDC Wellness Weekend. The inaugural event took place at BDC’s bright new 65thStreet location, right near Lincoln Center. The weekend brought together the local community of professional dancers, recreational dancers, children, families and wellness business providers.

BDC Wellness Weekend.
BDC Wellness Weekend.

The Wellness Weekend was filled with free classes offered to dancers of all ages and abilities. BDC agrees with the healthcare providers who say that no one should be excluded from wellness, and the studio proves that it believes dance is for everybody and can be a huge part of our self-care. Dancers were able to take a wide range of class styles, too! In addition to dance, the event featured several movement classes like yoga and Pilates, taught by certified instructors, including some from BDC’s neighbor, YogaWorks Westside. There were also non-dance seminars covering the incredibly important topics of healthy diet and effective nutrition.

Out in BDC’s sunlit lobby, there were a slew of vendors sharing their very cool wares, as well as a masseuse and a chiropractor present to show how they work and to answer questions. Water, snacks and clothing were emphasized. How do these things impact you and your health every day? It was exciting to see several hundred people, especially families, come through the door and partake in this very first BDC Wellness Weekend experience. BDC plans to expand upon what it can bring to the dancer community to help students, professionals, teachers and families enhance every area of wellness and to reach even greater heights as athletes and artists.

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