Planning your group visit to BDC

Do you live outside of NYC but wish that you and your students could dance all day at a studio like Broadway Dance Center, where there are over 350 classes in all styles each week? Well, dreams can come true!

BDC welcomes groups year-round and offers discounted rates for arranged group visits. So even if you live across the country, you can still partake in all the exciting classes that BDC has to offer! And BDC’s Group Services staff will work closely with you when planning your visit, as they know that each dancer in your group may have different needs and expectations, so your stay can be completely customized.

LSO Dance. Photo by Jayna Photography, courtesy of Broadway Dance Center.“BDC offers more than 50 drop-in classes each day in varying levels and styles, so we’re sure to have something for every dancer in your group,” explains Alexandra Braconi, director of Group Services for BDC. “We can also schedule a Group Private Master Class for your dancers at a time, date and style of your choice. We have a team dedicated to planning your classes with our fantastic faculty members and someone on-site seven days a week. We take pride in responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner, and we work closely with our faculty and incoming groups to make sure your class experience is unforgettable.”

A group of just six or more dancers qualifies for the group rates and options. There is no limit to the number of classes that groups can take during their visit, but dancers must take at least two drop-in classes each or 12 drop-in classes as a whole group, or at least one Group Private. Braconi says that most groups choose to book a Group Private Master Class in a style of their choice from 9-10:30am at BDC, and then have their dancers participate in the drop-in classes from 10:30am until they leave for the day.

And because your group may have dancers of different levels and interests, groups are not confined to sticking to the same schedule.

“We encourage groups taking drop-in classes to spread out among the 50+ classes we offer each day,” Braconi says. “For example, a single group could have one student in tap, five in jazz and three in vogueing! This is a great time to branch out and try something new! Group Private Master Classes can even be scheduled simultaneously, allowing your dancers to experience a private class together, set to their level and style of choice. Lots of groups will schedule one for their advanced dancers and one for their beginning dancers at BDC from 9-10:30am.”

Fort Mill High School Dance Team. Photo by Full Out Creative, courtesy of Broadway Dance Center.BDC also offers the Radio City Rockettes Experience for group visits. If Radio City does not have a date that works for your group’s schedule, BDC Group Services can schedule a class for your dancers at their facilities. BDC can also arrange a Broadway “Meet the Artist” class, scheduled with an artist from a show your group is seeing during your visit, or are interested in learning about while you’re in NYC.

In addition to all of the drop-in classes and specialty classes that BDC Group Services can offer to your group, BDC can also provide a list of hotels that offer a discounted rate to its students, aid in restaurant recommendations, and steer you in the direction of places to purchase theater tickets. While BDC does not arrange those details for its visiting groups, the Group Services staff can put you in touch with a trusted tour company that can help coordinate your visit.

If you’re interested in arranging a group visit to BDC, Braconi suggests first registering your group online at the BDC website at least a month in advance. If your group would like to plan a Group Private Master Class, she encourages you to fill out the registration form as soon as you have the dates of your visit and an estimated number of students. BDC’s busy season is June through August, but Braconi assures that there is always room for everyone.

“The BDC Group Services team and I are here, every step of the way, to answer your questions and help you select classes that are a great fit for your dancers,” Braconi says. “Groups with younger dancers typically will schedule only Group Private Master Classes, as these are open to all age ranges. Those with older, more advanced students lean toward our drop-in classes and Group Private Mock Auditions. Every group is different, and we want their visit to meet the unique needs of their students.”

To learn more about group visits at BDC, or to register for your group’s stay, head to

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.


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