5 things to check out at BDC!

Do you ever get tired of your usual weekly routine? Looking for something new to try, or are you wanting to try to become more versatile in your training?

Well, here are 5 offerings at BDC – different styles, exciting master classes and studio events – that will keep your week more interesting!

Yoga at Broadway Dance Center
Photo by Belinda Strodder. Dancephotography.net.au

#1. Heels classes with Yanis Marshall

Yanis Marshall has appeared on Britain’s Got TalentDancing with the Stars, and has choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance and Cirque du Soleil. He is known for his intricate and fun heels choreography, and his videos have gone viral and have been shared by Beyonce, Ciara and Ariana Grande. Doesn’t a class with him sound so fun? Don’t miss your chance to try a sassy heels class with this incredible teacher this October 22-24. These master classes are $30 per class. To register, visit broadwaydancecenter.com/master-class/master-classes-at-bdc.

#2. Broadway choreography from Head Over Heels

As part of BDC’s Broadway Choreography Series, dance captains Lisa Finegold and Tanner Ray Wilson will teach rep from the new hit Broadway show, Head Over Heels, on November 2. You’ve seen the commercials, you know the music, so why not learn the moves? It’s so fun to learn from the actual cast members and to dance the amazing choreography of Spencer Liff just blocks away from where the actual show is on every night! For more information, go to broadwaydancecenter.com/master-class/broadway-choreography-series.

#3. Start your morning with bodyART

BodyART is a non-spiritual, fully-functional training system, specifically designed to augment and complement your dancing and flexibility training. Created by a former BDC international student, Robert Steinbacher, and currently taught by Ryan Daniel Beck, the bodyART class follows a five-phase system: energy arrival, expansion, circulation, descent and relaxation. You’ll leave feeling energized and beautifully connected to your body and mind, a great way to start a full dance day. For more information and class times, visit broadwaydancecenter.com/faculty/ryan-daniel-beck.

#4. Take a Bhangra class

Have you ever seen that high-energy, colorful, mesmerizing folk dance on the Olympics, dance shows or Bollywood movies and thought, “That looks so fun!”? Well, that’s Bhangra, and it is! And it’s offered at BDC every Thursday evening. Bhangra is a style from the Punjab region of South Asia, and instructor Lavesh Pritmani has taught Bhangra for over a decade. The class emphasizes technique and fundamentals, culminating in a fun piece of choreography by the end of the class. Bhangra at BDC is for all levels. For more information and class times, head to broadwaydancecenter.com/faculty/lavesh-pritmani.

#5. Contemporary master class with Stacey Tookey

Stacey Tookey is a household name. The Emmy-nominated choreographer has worked with legendary musical artists such as Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Justin Timberlake and Michael Bublé. She has performed with Mia Michaels’ R.A.W., Parsons Dance Project, Ballet British Columbia and more. And her choreographic work has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. She has taught worldwide and is coming to BDC this November 6 for an Int./Adv. Contemporary master class! You don’t want to miss out on a chance to work with this multitalented, sensational superstar! The class is $30. To register, head to broadwaydancecenter.com/master-class/master-classes-at-bdc.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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