Broadway Dance Center runs to help fight AIDS

Dancers tend to have big hearts. On the other hand, they don’t always find ways to serve others outside of the dance world. In contrast, to its true credit, Broadway Dance Center (BDC) – as an organization and as a community – has consistently found ways to give back. A clear example is its involvement with Dancers Responding to AIDS (DRA) and Broadway Runs through the upcoming New York City Marathon. A group of BDC community members have joined up with Broadway Runs, within a DRA sub-group under the larger Broadway Runs organizational umbrella. This group will run the last five kilometers of the NYC Marathon route, through the wonderfully scenic westside portion of Central Park, on November 3, the day before the marathon.

This is the first year that BDC has been involved with DRA through Broadway Runs, to partake in the NYC Marathon in this way. Dancer-runners will reach out to friends and family for sponsorship and will wear “Broadway Runs” t-shirts. It’s all part of BDC’s efforts to be involved in the local community, as well as a positive force in important issues that reach far beyond the dance world, explains April Cook, BDC public relations director. This effort joins BDC’s involvement with the NYC Walk for Breast Cancer and Dance for Kindness in that goal. Learn more about these efforts here. “It’s important to empower people with multiple ways to give back (with charitable runs),” Cook says. “If they can’t donate, they can run or walk.”

She adds that these kinds of involvements often come with positive effects that those involved might never have expected. “When we had dancers performing for and cheering on walkers in the NYC Walk for Breast Cancer, people’s faces just lit up,” she recounts. It seems all part of the pure joy that dance can bring, even in the face of some of life’s biggest and most emotionally difficult challenges. Cook points out how dancers go to auditions, work hard in class, network and do all they can to push their careers forward, but things don’t always turn out how they expect or how they want them to. “Giving back is a way that we can feel fulfilled and make a difference in causes larger than ourselves,” she affirms.

Getting involved in causes larger than ourselves, through dance or otherwise, allows dancers to step outside of their own worries and issues and into communities doing positive things in the world. Those who can make it to BDC, even if they can’t donate to DRA or run with BDC under DRA and Broadway Runs, can partake in the cause through a donation-based class on Tuesday, October 30 (teacher to be announced). Just like the BDC runners, and all running for a cause in the marathon the following day, all will be joined in movement for a cause above and beyond themselves!

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By Kathryn Boland of Dance Informa.

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