Get an inside scoop with Jets Flight Crew Audition Prep

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and all the wings, guacamole and Halftime Show excitement is in the air. Yes, most of the attention is on the football players, but they wouldn’t be a team without their team dancers – those amazing, technical, high-energy dancers who perform to crowds of thousands and help keep the spirit up. What a fun job that would be! 

Broadway Dance Center is hosting the Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader prep classes as part of its Industry Insider series. During this audition prep class, you can get an inside scoop from Director and Choreographer Denise Garvey on what it takes to join the dance squad for the New York Jets. 

This prep class is designed to prepare audition candidates for the audition process. Classes will cover topics such as technique, style, stretching, choreography, beauty tips, and will feature a Q&A session with Garvey. 

Photo courtesy of New York Jets.
Photo courtesy of New York Jets.

“Everything in the class relates back to audition preparation,” Garvey describes. “The class has a fun warm-up with a focus on flexibility, injury prevention and building strength. We’ll do across-the-floor to hone in on technique and the Flight Crew style of dance. The second half of the class has the participants learning a Jets Flight Crew routine, where I focus on dancers picking up a routine with speed, retaining it and performing it back with showmanship and style, just like you need to do in an audition setting.”

Garvey says that she hopes through this class, dancers will gain confidence and look at auditions through a different lens. 

“It doesn’t need to be a scary or intimidating experience, and, in fact, auditioning should be a rewarding and fun experience, regardless of whether or not you land a particular job,” Garvey says. “It gives you valuable tools needed to better yourself and succeed in any future auditions. I like to take the veil of mystery off of the other side of the casting table. When you look at things from the casting director’s eyes, it can give you the confidence to do your best. I firmly believe that people dance their personality. As someone who has been on both sides of the casting table since I was young, I can help you show your confidence, talent and personality in any audition setting.”

Garvey notes that to be a member of the Jets Flight Crew, dancers need dance or cheer experience and an excellent work ethic. Currently, the team includes dancers of varying backgrounds and experience levels. 

In addition, Garvey says, “You need to be a true team player. The success of your teammates is just as important to you as your own success. On the squad, showmanship is top of the list. Our theater is MetLife Stadium and seats more than 80,000 people. It’s like the largest theater in the round you could ever imagine, so performing safe and small has no place on this team. You learn how to stand out in a positive way and support your teammates to do the same.”

The next Jets Flight Crew Audition Prep class will take place this Tuesday, February 5, 7:30-9pm. For more information and to register, visit

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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