Student Showcase: A performance opportunity for all 

Sure, there can be so much fulfillment and joy in taking dance class. You can develop your technique, learn new skills, get a good workout, condition your body, meet new people. But how can you take your dance training to the next level? By taking your experience to the stage and performing. 

And performing doesn’t have to be solely for professionals. Broadway Dance Center celebrates that dancers of all levels and ages should have the opportunity to dance on stage, with lights, makeup, original choreography, the whole deal. Coming up this May 19, at NYC’s Symphony Space, is the BDC Student Showcase, a performance experience that is open to all students of all levels. 

“We have long held the notion that dance training happens in both the studio and on stage,” says April Cook, director of public relations at BDC. “We felt the need to offer students the opportunity to get performance experience in a supportive and fun environment.”

Students can sign up for a particular choreographer’s piece, which is rehearsed before or after BDC’s drop-in class schedule, for a total of about 14 hours of studio time. Choreographers for this Student Showcase include Justin Boccitto, Emily Bufferd, Chio, Sheila Barker, Yuka Kawazu, Martha Nichols, David Thomas, Stacie Webster and more. 

Rehearsals are based on the level set by the choreographer, Cook explains. Most will teach to the level of their open classes so that their regular students can participate. The choreography is original and most often set specifically for this showcase and premieres at the event. 

“The wonderful thing about our Student Showcase is that students who are recreational dancers have the opportunity to share their passion with their friends and family in a NYC theater, and those dancers who are training for a career in dance get the chance to work on their performance chops in a comfortable setting,” Cook says. “No matter what the dance goals of our participants are, all are sure to have a lot of fun. We do like to see dancers reconnect with their creativity and pure joy for dancing in this event. Our showcases are incredibly supportive across the board. Each piece is cheering just as loud for the next, and all of our choreographers give the dancers great material to work with.” 

There is still time to sign up to participate in this fun, exciting performance opportunity. Register at the front desk of BDC, and find more information here. Tickets for the BDC Student Showcase go on sale beginning March 30, through Symphony Space’s box office. For a rehearsal schedule and downloadable Participation Agreement form, head to

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa. 

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