Movie Review: Step Up 4 Revolution

On July 24th Broadway Dance Center faculty, staff, and program students packed the movie theater for an exclusive preview showing of the new Step Up movie.  The fourth movie of the Step Up enterprise, “Step Up 4 Revolution” takes place in Miami, FL where a group of dancers (“the MOB”) realize that they can organize intricate and creative flashmobs as a means of social change.  The film features cameos from dance notables such as Mia Michaels, Billy Bell, Misha Gabriel, and more.

After doing a little research online, I came across some no-so-great reviews of the film’s predictable plotline.  But Chris Hewitt (The Pioneer Times) sums it up well when he says, “[The] fourth installment hits on the perfect formula: more dance, less talk.”  After all, the film, which is probably 75% dancing, is called “Step Up” rather than “Speak Up.”  Hewitt continues, “Like all the “Step Up” movies, its plot jetes around a bunch of young hoofers trying to get ahead in the dance world.  But it’s set in Miami, so there is less clothing, and it features the most inventive choreography (by Jamal Sims) and staging of any of the four movies.”

“Step Up 4 was a brilliant work on how dancers can change the world…But not alone – we all need towork together.” – Daniel Montera (Professional Semester F’11)

“This was the best Step Up movie yet.  The precise movement and togetherness was astounding.  I loved how it was just “dance.” – Pierce Cady-Penny