Musical theatre masterclass. Photo courtesy of So Danca

BDC gears up for annual Musical Theater Weekend Intensive

Broadway Dance Center is thrilled to once again host its annual Musical Theater Weekend Intensive on June 15 and 16. This incredible two-day workshop features closed classes, professional seminars, mock auditions and exclusive panels for the aspiring Broadway performer. 

Students (advanced dancers ages 14-29) will learn choreography from some of Broadway’s current musical hits, the art of crafting a resume, singing and acting techniques to ace any casting, how to land an agent, and what it takes to stand out at auditions. The weekend will culminate with a mock audition where students will get individualized feedback from industry professionals.

BDC’s next Musical Theater Weekend Intensive

It’s not too late to sign up for BDC’s Musical Theater Weekend Intensive (June 23-24). This jam-packed two-day intensive is geared toward aspiring Broadway triple-threats and pre-professional performers. The workshop includes dance classes with industry-leading choreographers such as Josh Bergasse (On the Town, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Smash), Rachelle Rak (Dance Moms, Fosse), Randy Skinner (White Christmas, 42ndStreet), Sarah O’Gleby (Frozen) and Ricky Hinds (NewsiesCome From Away).

Participants will also partake in a professional seminar with a music director, mock audition with a casting director, and Q&A session with lead agent Lucille diCampli. Dancers will leave the intensive with an understanding of how to craft a professional resume, what it’s like to attend a Broadway open call, how to land an agent, and the styles and choreography of current Broadway shows.

Josh Bergasse is simply SMASH-ing


The American musical-drama, SMASH, might be over, but choreographer, Josh Bergasse, isn’t going anywhere.  The long-time Broadway Dance Center teacher landed the coveted choreography job when the show premiered back in early 2012.  In his numerous pieces such as “The National Pastime,” “Let’s Be Bad,” and “Ce N’est Pas Ma Faute,” Bergasse brings the energy and awe of live theatre to the television screen.  Called the “secret weapon” of SMASH, Bergasse went on to win the 2012 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography.  Take a look at BDC’s exclusive interview with Josh and check back on our website to see when Josh will be teaching at the studio again this summer.

BDC: What was your dance training like growing up?

JB: I grew up at my mother’s dance studio just outside of Detroit.  I put my first pair of tap shoes on at the age three and I was hooked.  I studied mostly jazz and tap in the early years, and it wasn’t until my late teens that I studied ballet seriously.  Looking back, I wish I’d been in ballet class much sooner.

BDC: When did you begin auditioning and teaching?

JB: I began auditioning locally in Michigan for small shows and industrials as a teenager.  That’s when I started teaching at my mom’s school as well, which gave me the opportunity to explore different choreographic styles.  My first NYC audition was for a tour of WEST SIDE STORY.  I booked the job and toured for two years.  Shortly after that tour ended I started teaching at Broadway Dance Center.  That was 15 years ago…feels like yesterday.

BDC: How did you get connected with SMASH as actual choreographer and acting as the choreographer on the show?

JB: I was brought on board as choreographer for SMASH by Michael Mayer, the director of the first three episodes and a Consulting Producer.  Michael directed me in a musical in the past, but had never seen my choreography until an NYU benefit two-and-a-half years ago.  Soon after, we started working on SMASH together.  Once we were in rehearsals for the pilot, Theresa Rebeck, the creator of SMASH, asked if I’d play the assistant choreographer.  Of course I said “yes!”  I never thought it would be a recurring part.  I was always surprised when I read each new script and there was a line for “Josh” in it.

BDC: You’ve choreographed for a lot of live theatre in the past – how was choreographing for a TV show different?  Do you prefer one over the other?

JB: Since most of the pieces I choreographed for SMASH were theatrically based, there wasn’t much difference in choreographing for TV.  I’d say the main difference is in theater you craft every moment perfectly in rehearsal so that the audience follows the action and story exactly as you want them to from any seat in the theater.  For television, much of the work is done in the editing room.  The more footage you get, the more options you have in postproduction.

images2BDC: How has your work with SMASH (and your Emmy award!) influenced your career as a choreographer?

JB: SMASH has been a wonderful lesson in the importance of collaboration.  My assignment is to work with the producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, and of course the cast, to develop the choreography that best serves the show.  The visibility of the show (and the Emmy award!) has certainly opened new doors for me as a choreographer.  It’s so important for choreographers to get their work out to the public so people to see it.  SMASH has done that for me.

BDC: What impact do you think SMASH had on both the dance and theatre communities?

JB: I like to think that SMASH has made more people across the country interested in dance and theater.  Not everyone has the means to go to New York and see a Broadway show, but everyone has a TV or access to the Internet.  Hopefully it created a spark in people to go see theater or dance where they live, or even become a dancer or actor.

BDC: You recently choreographed New York City Center’s Encores! performance of “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman.”  What other projects do you have coming up?
images3JB: Right now I’m in the Berkshires choreographing “On The Town” at Barrington Stage Company.  Next up is a developmental workshop of the new musical “Bull Durham” and then the new musical “Secondhand Lions” at the Fifth Avenue Theater in Seattle.

BDC: We know you’re very busy…but will you be returning to teach at BDC soon?

JB: I hope to get back to BDC this summer for at least a few weeks.

New Studios! New Schedule!

On Saturday, April 29th, Broadway Dance Center celebrated the opening of its new studio space – including two floors, a large marley-floored studio, a tap studio, and a bigger retail store.

With this additional space, BDC is thrilled to be able to offer many more classes, teachers, and styles of dance – Zumba, Partnering, Body Percussion, and more!

The “Grand Opening” party welcomed BDC faculty and staff to mix and mingle in the new space.  Additionally, the night included performances from BDC’s Children and Teen Program, International Student Visa Program, Professional Semester, the hit TV show “Smash,” and Parsons Dance Company.

“It’s so nice to have more space, not to mention, have many more classes…especially tap, which up until now, we weren’t allowed to offer until after 5pm. The studios are beautiful, very well designed, and have their own nice touches. From the colorful lighting in Studio A, to the cubby holes, to the columns, which many of us have lovingly nicknamed ‘Big Ben.'” – Annie Ellersten (Work Study)

“It’s a fun addition to the already-fabulous studios. I love the floor, it makes barefoot dancing so smooth. And having the countless new classes is awesome!” – Katherine Boese (Professional Semester)

“I am absolutely thrilled that BDC has expanded. The new studios are beautiful and the additional space is wonderful. Additionally, I consider myself very fortunate to manage such a beautiful retail store surrounded by students eager to dance in the new space. We are proud to call this studio ‘home.'” – Lizz Picini (Retail Store)

Check out all of the added classes here!

and 5, 6, 7, 8, SMASH!

Last night marked the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the premiere of NBC’s making-of-a-musical series, the “Great White Way of Hope” (LA Times) SMASH. Choreographed by Broadway Dance Center’s very own Josh Bergasse and starring many BDC dancers (did you spot Ricky Tripp in the baseball number?), the show boasts stars like Debra Messing (“Will and Grace”), Angelica Huston (“The Addams Family,” “Ever After”), Megan Hilton (“Wicked, the musical”) and Katherine McPhee(“American Idol”). The much-anticipated series which was honored in 2011 Critic’s Choice Awards as one of the “Most Exciting New Series,” accounts the making of a new Broadway musical about the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe and shows that most of the “drama” occurs off stage, behind the scenes.

We hosted some pretty SMASH-ing events yesterday in honor of the show’s premiere. Kiira Schmidt, assistant to Josh Bergasse, taught a SMASH-inspired theater master class.

“The SMASH class was a blast; it was a privilege to not only work with someone soheavily involved in this new series, but to also get an inside look at the authentic choreography and put it on our own bodies.” – Lizz Picini (BDC student)

And at 10pm, BDC students and staff rushed to studio 4 to watch SMASH on a big-screen projector while munching on popcorn. The events were sponsored byLaDuca Shoes who gave away free dance shoe bags and even raffled off a pair of their beautiful character heels (also adorned by the dancers on SMASH)!

True story! While shopping for snacks at Food Emporium for our own SMASH premiere party, Emily Bass (Marketing/Events Coordinator @ BDC) ran into Katherine McPhee (star of SMASH) at the checkout line! McPhee obviously would have stopped by our BDC SMASH Extravaganza but she was planning for her own casual get-together with a few of her friends.

The baseball routine, “The National Pastime,” seemed to jump off the screen with its innovative choreography, clever humor, and talented performers. Keep your eye out for many other BDC-goers dancing in upcoming episodes!

“We have great dancers, very quick, very smart, very athletic. The music’s great – I saw my choreography have an entirely new life.” – Joshua Bergasse

So what are critics saying about SMASH? Take a look!

“The show seems to have a lot of promise, and the musical numbers dazzled.” –The Wall Street Journal

“Glee for grown-ups” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Quite the little sunbeam…endearing characters, an instinct for backstage meows and a firm grip on its own sense of camp control.” – The Washington Post

But we want to know what YOU thought! Share your opinion of the SMASH pilot by commenting on this post!